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 Post subject: terrible fueling experience
PostPosted: Thu Jun 15, 2017 6:10 am 

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Hi all, i just want to share my terrible fueling experience with Mirai owners or anyone who wants to get a Mirai.
For my personal experience, no speaking of the fuel station constantly shut off for repair (i say 5 out of 10 times) it happened to me once that the hose of the dispenser blew off right next to me and caused a huge explosion. I couldn't image if i was holding the nozzle, and i probably would in the hospital now.

I understand this is an one time accident should be liable by the fueling company. However, when i filed case to both Toyota and the Fuel Company. Toyota's response really upset me, they basically told me this is between me and the fuel company, they have nothing to do with it, go ahead to sue the fuel company.
I really hope for people who is thinking about Mirai, i know they offer a lot cheaper price to promote Mirai. I will suggest you rethink before you are trying to enjoy the incentives:
1) I really don’t think the new technology is matured and ready to service, it exploded like a bomb right next to me
2) make sure the fueling station is 24/7 open and never have any technical issue, or you are screwed; 
3) don’t expect any help/advise from Toyota; the response from Toyota just made me very upset. They don’t even communicate with the Fuel Company after the explosion accident, oh, they did emails with bunch of data!
4) please don’t trust it when they say there is going to be how many stations to be built in next how many years; they build it doesn’t mean its functional.
5) the little saving doesn’t worth the frustration you go through, daily/weekly. Nevertheless, it was not cheap at all when I got this car

Once you sign off for this car, you are on your own....
its a good design car, but now to me is just pieces of scrap metal because i cant even fuel this car!

 Post subject: Re: terrible fueling experience
PostPosted: Mon Jun 19, 2017 12:12 pm 

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Which H2 station did you experienced this fueling problem at? I have seen disclaimers that Toyota is not responsible for the fueling stations which are owned by other companies. I guess probably similar to if I filled a gasoline car at a gas station and the fueling hose leaked gas or caught on fire, probably the gas station owner would be responsible, not the car company. I did go for a 2017 Mirai and had it since October 2016. For the few H2 stations around, I have experienced some stations going offline for malfunctions and a few times running out of fuel but I never had a fueling nozzle explode on me. Possibility if the lock on the nozzle is not fully engaged when fueling starts, the high pressure will cause the nozzle to fly out from the car, so make sure the nozzle lock is engaged before starting the fueling. The Mirai runs great with smooth driving and many hi-tech features. My main issue is the lack of fueling stations. So when a H2 station goes offline for whatever reasons, this makes the number of available stations so much less to pick from. Although there are more H2 stations planned but they are very slow in being built.

Here's a You Tube video on how to fuel a Mirai.

Here's a brochure from Toyota on how to fuel a Mirai. ... 100815.pdf

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